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Get more connected with your international employees and ZZP'ers!

The employees and ZZP arrangement

Your employees and/or freelancers are intensively supported in building up a sustainable existence in the Netherlands. Together we provide perspective and stability. We make financial services accessible by:

  • Guiding the search for an own home from A to Z
  • Arranging home financing at the best conditions
  • Answering various financial questions
  • Organize appropriate and most advantageous insurance solutions

Domek-Group’s services are completely in the language of the employee and self-employed.

The package consists of the following components:

  • Free consultation ‘can I buy a house’
  • Free consultation ‘am I properly insured’
  • Employee discount on mortgage and insurance*.
    *As long as there is an employment contract with the employer.

In addition, we provide knowledge and information meetings on location and offer customized marketing support in 8 languages (including brochures, flyers, mailings, blogs, banners, etc).

Interested in the possibilities for your organization and staff?

    * required